Once Fired Brass For Sale – The Bargain Goldmine That’s Always Overlooked

once fired brassAs the prices of new manufactured ammunition continue to rise, more and more people are turning to reloading once fired brass as a continuous source of cheap, quality ammo that doesn’t suddenly sell out during busy shooting periods.

Personally I’ve been supplementing my new ammunition purchases with hand loaded brass for many years already. Through that time I’ve bought from every online store imaginable with mixed results and many horror stories of mixed calibers, miss old cartridge specifications and sometimes even dangerously damaged cases. What I’ve discovered is that you can avoid all this hassle by shopping at a respected online store which few people even think of when it comes to bulk brass purchases.

What is this store and how can you use it’s features in order to find once fired cartridges long after everyone else has sold out? Read on for more info, and if you’d like to be updated with special offers and exclusive discount coupons for guns and ammunition whenever they become available just sign up for our email alerts on the right of this page!

Amazon – Top Online Store To Purchase Used Brass

Once Fired Brass For Sale - AmazonNow I’m fully aware that Amazon isn’t usually mentioned when people ask about buying once fired brass, but this is part of it’s charm. Unlike other websites where the stock comes from just one seller, Amazon acts as a marketplace for loads of different sellers who are all competing with each other for customers on quality and price. This means that not only can you get large bulk quantities of brass at prices far cheaper than anywhere else, but it’s regularly of a higher quality as poor sellers get poor Amazon reviews and quickly get filtered out of the website altogether. You are also protected by the Amazon guarantee where if you do experience terrible customer service they can get involved and if necessary even refund you.

The catch is that because these are third party products they can be slightly more difficult to find than in more specialist stores. You can however easily counter this with use of their integrated search function, for instance if you’re after pistol ammo a search for “9mm fired brass” brings up 2 pages of results including one I have purchased myself several times, mixed commercial head stamp “9mm Luger Range Brass – Cleaned” but not polished package of 500, the order cost? $34 including delivery. I’ve bought several thousand in bulk from the seller “ACME Bullet Company” all of which have been exceptionally tumbled clean high quality cases where only a tiny fraction were of the wrong .380 caliber.

I simply have not been able to find comparable quality no nickel pistol and rifle reloading brass at these prices. The occasional time you do find them at lower cost you generally end up tossing half the package and losing both time and money, it’s a false economy. You are not just limited to a 9mm cartridges either, in fact during writing I arranged orders for 1000 Remington .45 ACP, some Lake City military head stamped .223, 357 Sig and .40 S&W all of which were available to add to cart when sold out at many other sites I’ve checked. I’m confident that you can find any caliber you desire here with minimal searching and as they come from multiple suppliers you are almost guaranteed that someone will have stock ready for shipping.

One note to be aware of is that you should not be afraid to try new suppliers, at the end of the day with reviews you can normally sift out any less than desirable vendors and once you have found one you like (and they’re common) you can order from them repeatedly, I have been known to e-mail them and get ammo reserved when they are out of stock if I really like a vendors products. If you’re less fussy about the cases you require then you can get some incredibly cheap mixed head stamps that may contain both brass and nickel cartridges.

The final advantage of shopping for reloading supplies at Amazon is that they also stock hand loading equipment as well. This ability to pick up large shopping baskets of picking up cleaning products, tumble polish and sizing dies all from one store can save you hours of time and money, instead getting a headache wading through 10 different specialist websites.

Now the only thing left to do is visit Amazon and buy your bulk once fired brass cartridges,whether you’re after 1000 .308 or 100 .45 auto I’m sure after a couple of purchases you’ll come to see them as the hidden gold mine that I do. With the ever increasing panic buying of loaded ammunition I think sites like this one will become increasingly more important to any serious shooter and as someone who likes to reload as a relaxing (yet useful) hobby, its one I could not do without, especially with such cheap shipping all across the map.

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