.223 Brass For Sale – Top 3 Stores To Buy New & Once Fired Brass Online

There are more people every day who are turning to self-loading. Whether it’s to keep costs low, to save money or they simply can’t get hold of new .223 cal loaded ammunition, knowing where the best place to purchase a steady stream of high quality .223 brass from is vital.

I find reloading to be quite fun and relaxing, combine this with a love of shooting .223, 5.56×45 NATO military and .308 rounds and I buy a lot of bulk new and once fired brass. Below you’ll find my personal list of online websites I shop at in order of preference.

Best websites with new .223 brass for sale online

1. Brownells

BrownellsBrownells is one of my favorite shooting supplies websites online and it’s no different for my brass purchases. Their rifle brass is new unfired, unprimed cartridges sold in packages of 100 cases. Brownells supply cartridges from numerous different manufacturers including Remington, Nosler, Hornady and others, at a range of prices suitable for any budget.

When you combine this with the opportunity to buy bullets, primers and other reloading supplies all at the same time from one store, you end up with a very attractive website. I’ve ordered numerous times from Brownells and found their customer service to be excellent with extremely fast shipping times generally. I’ve also found it useful to check their sale/clearance section regularly for reloading supplies as you can pick up some great deals on reloading tools in particular.

2. Cabela’s

CabelasCabela’s has many of the advantages that Brownells does in that it stocks a huge variety of useful related products, yet doesn’t carry as many different cartridge manufacturers as them. The .223 brass they do carry however is well stocked and premium grade brands such as Lapua and Starline among others. Cabela’s also sell more varied quantities from as small as a 20 cartridge box up to larger bulk packed 50 and 500 parcels.

Being one of the major online stores Cabela’s is used to providing fast shipping and great customer service, personally I love stress free shopping and it’s one of the best ways to turn me into a returning customer, that’s why I shop at Cabela’s.

Best Online Store With Once Fired .223 Brass For Sale


AmazonIt can be difficult to find great online suppliers for .223 once fired yellow brass, I have tried several and been slightly disappointed with the results of each. That’s why when I found one I liked, I’ve stuck with it ever since. Amazon is actually a marketplace for many once fired brass sellers, but due to being owned by Amazon you are backed by their guarantees and weight as probably the largest online store.

I find this results in sellers that provide a higher quality of casing than some 3rd party websites as they know if the customers complain, Amazon will step in and they’ll lose a revenue stream. Although there are too many different sellers to review them all, I have purchased from “mixed head stamps” with good clean, polished, well dated results (except 1 little issue with the flash hole I half caused myself). Don’t be afraid to try other sellers with good reviews however, you can find little gold mines of .223 brass with military casing head stamps with a bit of searching.

Once shot cartridges do take a little trust to purchase, as you can never really be certain how many times a gun has fired them. That’s why I stick with Amazon and that way you know you’ll be getting full disclosure, and can easily repurchase from the same sources time and again at bargain rates. Worth noting is you can use Amazon’s search function to maximum effect, if for instance you don’t want crimped primers you can add this in, it really depends how fussy you want to be with your .223 rifle brass, this is a similar to method to what I use with loaded ammunition and filtering by gra on other websites.