Once Fired Brass For Sale – The Bargain Goldmine That’s Always Overlooked

once fired brassAs the prices of new manufactured ammunition continue to rise, more and more people are turning to reloading once fired brass as a continuous source of cheap, quality ammo that doesn’t suddenly sell out during busy shooting periods.

Personally I’ve been supplementing my new ammunition purchases with hand loaded brass for many years already. Through that time I’ve bought from every online store imaginable with mixed results and many horror stories of mixed calibers, miss old cartridge specifications and sometimes even dangerously damaged cases. What I’ve discovered is that you can avoid all this hassle by shopping at a respected online store which few people even think of when it comes to bulk brass purchases.

What is this store and how can you use it’s features in order to find once fired cartridges long after everyone else has sold out? Read on for more info, and if you’d like to be updated with special offers and exclusive discount coupons for guns and ammunition whenever they become available just sign up for our email alerts on the right of this page!

Amazon – Top Online Store To Purchase Used Brass

Once Fired Brass For Sale - AmazonNow I’m fully aware that Amazon isn’t usually mentioned when people ask about buying once fired brass, but this is part of it’s charm. Unlike other websites where the stock comes from just one seller, Amazon acts as a marketplace for loads of different sellers who are all competing with each other for customers on quality and price. This means that not only can you get large bulk quantities of brass at prices far cheaper than anywhere else, but it’s regularly of a higher quality as poor sellers get poor Amazon reviews and quickly get filtered out of the website altogether. You are also protected by the Amazon guarantee where if you do experience terrible customer service they can get involved and if necessary even refund you.

The catch is that because these are third party products they can be slightly more difficult to find than in more specialist stores. You can however easily counter this with use of their integrated search function, for instance if you’re after pistol ammo a search for “9mm fired brass” brings up 2 pages of results including one I have purchased myself several times, mixed commercial head stamp “9mm Luger Range Brass – Cleaned” but not polished package of 500, the order cost? $34 including delivery. I’ve bought several thousand in bulk from the seller “ACME Bullet Company” all of which have been exceptionally tumbled clean high quality cases where only a tiny fraction were of the wrong .380 caliber.

I simply have not been able to find comparable quality no nickel pistol and rifle reloading brass at these prices. The occasional time you do find them at lower cost you generally end up tossing half the package and losing both time and money, it’s a false economy. You are not just limited to a 9mm cartridges either, in fact during writing I arranged orders for 1000 Remington .45 ACP, some Lake City military head stamped .223, 357 Sig and .40 S&W all of which were available to add to cart when sold out at many other sites I’ve checked. I’m confident that you can find any caliber you desire here with minimal searching and as they come from multiple suppliers you are almost guaranteed that someone will have stock ready for shipping.

One note to be aware of is that you should not be afraid to try new suppliers, at the end of the day with reviews you can normally sift out any less than desirable vendors and once you have found one you like (and they’re common) you can order from them repeatedly, I have been known to e-mail them and get ammo reserved when they are out of stock if I really like a vendors products. If you’re less fussy about the cases you require then you can get some incredibly cheap mixed head stamps that may contain both brass and nickel cartridges.

The final advantage of shopping for reloading supplies at Amazon is that they also stock hand loading equipment as well. This ability to pick up large shopping baskets of picking up cleaning products, tumble polish and sizing dies all from one store can save you hours of time and money, instead getting a headache wading through 10 different specialist websites.

Now the only thing left to do is visit Amazon and buy your bulk once fired brass cartridges,whether you’re after 1000 .308 or 100 .45 auto I’m sure after a couple of purchases you’ll come to see them as the hidden gold mine that I do. With the ever increasing panic buying of loaded ammunition I think sites like this one will become increasingly more important to any serious shooter and as someone who likes to reload as a relaxing (yet useful) hobby, its one I could not do without, especially with such cheap shipping all across the map.

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Bulk Reloading Supplies – Buy Online & Save $1000’s

reloading benchThere was a time where reloading was more of a hobby than a necessity, but with rising prices and panic buying of loaded ammunition knowing where the best place to buy bulk reloading supplies and components is in order to load your own ammo, is becoming far more of a necessity for regular shooters.

Over the years I’ve bought from a lot of reloading supplies from online websites with both good and terrible results. What follows is a distilled list of my preferred stores from this experience so that you do not have to suffer at the poor quality sites like I did.

1. Brownells

BrownellsBrownells is always my first stop for reloading equipment and components because not only do they sell everything in any caliber you could ever want all in one website, but they’ve always provided great customer service.

Even though you can shop here whether you want to load .223 rifle cartridges, 9mm handgun brass or need a case of shotshell primers, the filters at the top combined with detailed left hand side navigation allows for quick inventory sorting. This left hand side is where you can select “quantity” in order to filter the items into bulk purchases only.

I find the prices at Brownells to be extremely competitive including the shipping and the ability to buy both reloading supplies alongside case length trimmers, sizing dies and progressive presses among other parts make for a quick, easy experience. For bulk ammo and wholesale ammunition, whether you want something for home defense or just plinking, I’d rate Brownells 4.9 stars (it would be 5, but they’re a little too popular during panic buying months).

In the event they are sold out of the item you require however, our 2nd favorite site is…

2. Amazon

AmazonAmazon is often overlooked by people looking for reloading parts and that’s part of its appeal. During panic purchase frenzy’s you can often find items in stock here that are out everywhere else. In fact many of your smaller online stores also sell on Amazon in order to reach a wider customer base so it acts a bit like a gun search engine saving you having to look around 10’s of other websites.

Due to this Amazon is by far my favorite place to buy bulk once fired brass as the sheer number of sellers’ means you can virtually always find it in any caliber. It can be a little difficult to zone in on other ammunition equipment on Amazon, however I find as long as you are specific in their search bar you can find almost any item. For instance if you are into bullet casting you can find not only handgun and rifle bullet molds, but also the lead alloy ingots to go with them.

With Amazon being one of the biggest shops online you have that extra level of security when you buy from a third party seller on their site. You know you’ll get a great level of service and if you’re not totally satisfied then Amazon has your back. It’s for this reason why they’re high on my list for large quantities of bulk reloading supplies whether it’s for bullets, primers, case sizing lube, priming tools, tumbling cleaning media or anything else.

3. Cabela’s

CabelasAnother one stop shop for bulk reloading supplies and accessories is Cabela’s. While their website isn’t quite as easy to navigate as Brownells the wide variety of products in stock makes this a valuable resource all the same. Being able to pick up some brass case cleaning fluid, vibratory case tumbler and loading block alongside 3k bullets and black powder should not be underestimated. I’ve saved hours of time buying from 1 store instead of the headache you can get buying 10 packages from 10 websites.

You’ll find all the expected brands across of a range of calibers including Hornady, Remington and Nosler. If you require precision accuracy you can also buy new un-primed brass and competition bullets, or if you’re more of a home hobby shooter you can grab some cheap 9mm pistol brass and bullets and be on your way, Cabela’s has something for everyone.

You’ll often find Cabela’s items really cheap on sale (you can sign up for exclusive discount coupons for all our recommended retailers on this right of this page). I once picked up an incredible bargain on a 12-gauge shotshell reloader and some Hornady lead buck shot, but these sales can be short day long fire sales so e-mail alerts are a must if you want to catch them in stock.

I love a great gun bargain as much as anyone else, that’s why I keep an eye out for any discounts, sales or coupons available for any of the stores I recommend on this site. If you’d like exclusive access to these deals then sign up for e-mail alerts on the right of this page. You’ll be loading cheap mags in no time!

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.223 Brass For Sale – Top 3 Stores To Buy New & Once Fired Brass Online

There are more people every day who are turning to self-loading. Whether it’s to keep costs low, to save money or they simply can’t get hold of new .223 cal loaded ammunition, knowing where the best place to purchase a steady stream of high quality .223 brass from is vital.

I find reloading to be quite fun and relaxing, combine this with a love of shooting .223, 5.56×45 NATO military and .308 rounds and I buy a lot of bulk new and once fired brass. Below you’ll find my personal list of online websites I shop at in order of preference.

Best websites with new .223 brass for sale online

1. Brownells

BrownellsBrownells is one of my favorite shooting supplies websites online and it’s no different for my brass purchases. Their rifle brass is new unfired, unprimed cartridges sold in packages of 100 cases. Brownells supply cartridges from numerous different manufacturers including Remington, Nosler, Hornady and others, at a range of prices suitable for any budget.

When you combine this with the opportunity to buy bullets, primers and other reloading supplies all at the same time from one store, you end up with a very attractive website. I’ve ordered numerous times from Brownells and found their customer service to be excellent with extremely fast shipping times generally. I’ve also found it useful to check their sale/clearance section regularly for reloading supplies as you can pick up some great deals on reloading tools in particular.

2. Cabela’s

CabelasCabela’s has many of the advantages that Brownells does in that it stocks a huge variety of useful related products, yet doesn’t carry as many different cartridge manufacturers as them. The .223 brass they do carry however is well stocked and premium grade brands such as Lapua and Starline among others. Cabela’s also sell more varied quantities from as small as a 20 cartridge box up to larger bulk packed 50 and 500 parcels.

Being one of the major online stores Cabela’s is used to providing fast shipping and great customer service, personally I love stress free shopping and it’s one of the best ways to turn me into a returning customer, that’s why I shop at Cabela’s.

Best Online Store With Once Fired .223 Brass For Sale


AmazonIt can be difficult to find great online suppliers for .223 once fired yellow brass, I have tried several and been slightly disappointed with the results of each. That’s why when I found one I liked, I’ve stuck with it ever since. Amazon is actually a marketplace for many once fired brass sellers, but due to being owned by Amazon you are backed by their guarantees and weight as probably the largest online store.

I find this results in sellers that provide a higher quality of casing than some 3rd party websites as they know if the customers complain, Amazon will step in and they’ll lose a revenue stream. Although there are too many different sellers to review them all, I have purchased from “mixed head stamps” with good clean, polished, well dated results (except 1 little issue with the flash hole I half caused myself). Don’t be afraid to try other sellers with good reviews however, you can find little gold mines of .223 brass with military casing head stamps with a bit of searching.

Once shot cartridges do take a little trust to purchase, as you can never really be certain how many times a gun has fired them. That’s why I stick with Amazon and that way you know you’ll be getting full disclosure, and can easily repurchase from the same sources time and again at bargain rates. Worth noting is you can use Amazon’s search function to maximum effect, if for instance you don’t want crimped primers you can add this in, it really depends how fussy you want to be with your .223 rifle brass, this is a similar to method to what I use with loaded ammunition and filtering by gra on other websites.