Best Place To Buy Guns Online – New & Used Weapons For Sale

ar-15-bullets-knife-magazinesThe rise in online gun sales has been massive over the last few years and with good reason. With more and more anti firearm pressure from the government there has never been a better time to purchase a weapon, but with such a vast number of websites with guns for sale deciding where the best place to buy guns online is can be bewildering.

That’s why I created this guide, during my long time shooting I have bought guns from all of the major internet stores and have had both good and bad experiences. I hope that with the below recommendations you can get the best shopping experience possible and instead skip to the good bit, the shooting! The websites below were ranked by price, usability, customer service and stock variety/availability, then only the top sites were reviewed for this article. If you find the information useful please share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Best Place To Buy A Gun Online In 2014 – New & Used Guns For Sale

Gander Mountain

Best Place To Buy Firearms Online Cheap & In Stock!My favorite website is that of Gander Mountain, not only do they have a huge selection of different firearm manufacturers, gun parts and accessories but they are also the only website online where you can skip the FFL fee for delivery. Combine that with free delivery and their competitive prices and you can save hundreds of dollars on some handguns and rifles compared to other internet gun stores, just another sign why they’re the best!

This is made possible due to their option to have your weapon shipped to one of their brick and mortar Gander Mountain stores, this not only makes the purchase far cheaper but also leads to a smoother, faster shopping experience with an improved customer service. In my opinion this makes it well worth choosing delivery to one of their stores, even if it means you need to travel a little further to pick it up. They do also allow the option for delivery to your own personal registered FFL dealer however the downside of this is not only the increased cost, but they also require that you phone their sales hotline so you technically are not buying a weapon online. Whenever I have called their phone number they have answered promptly and efficiently, but my personal recommendation would always be to purchase via their online system with Gander Mountain delivery if that is an option to you at all.

Whether you’re shopping for a Ruger handgun, a Remington hunting rifle or simply want a gun safe or some tactical gear you can be guaranteed to find it at Gander Mountain. That’s what makes me keep coming back to them, instead of having to shop around 10 different websites to buy different pieces of gear, here I can order it all in bulk, have it delivered to free and then just pick it up at their brick and mortar store. Thats why I consider Gander Moutain to be the best place to buy guns online compared to other stores and websites.

In fact their product range can be a little overwhelming at first sight, however their menu system and series of filters on the left make finding what you want quick and easy. 12 gauge shotguns, pistols, semi automatic AR-15 rifles even survival gear can all be found in their own filterable categories, with their own sub categories based off things such as caliber of ammunition, brand manufacturer, action, barrel length, price range and more. So whether you’re shopping for a Glock, M1911, Smith & Wesson or Heckler & Koch you know that not only can you find it here at a great price, you can buy the ammo, gun accessories and even get it repaired later at the same store.

When you look at all of the above, alongside the strong guarantees and price matching offered by Gander Mountain you can see why its easy for me to recommend you buy your firearms and accessories there. It really is the best place to buy a gun online in 2014. Click here to buy from their store and please like and share this page so that others too can avoid getting ripped off at their local gun dealers!

Stay tuned for other in depth independent reviews on all the guns stores, models, and magazines throughout 2014. We’ll also be releasing gun reviews on certain models as they are released to the public. Whether you’re interested in hunting, competitive range shooting or just plinking in the back garden we are entering tough times for all firearms enthusiasts. Its my hope that this website can provide you the information you need to stay one step ahead of the government and always get the best deal. Register on our mailing list on the right to always stay informed and ahead of the pack!

M4 For Sale – Best Place To Buy Online

AR-15 M4 Carbine Semi-Automatic Action Assault RifleEveryone should buy an AR-15, for me it’s simply in a class of its own. Once you get past the gorgeous aesthetics you end up with an accurate, highly customizable and versatile semi-automatic action rifle that is extremely easy to operate. It’s these very reasons that have driven up their popularity, as such you’ll find a massive variety of M4s for sale online, but where is the best place to buy one and what features should you look for depending on your individual needs and budgets? Read on to find out.

Note: This article is about the AR 15 M4 Carbine Rifle, however Airsoft/Airgun purchases are also available at Gander Mountain.

Where to buy an M4 Carbine?

Blue Ridge Firearms

Blue Ridge Firearms - Cheap M4 gun store!When purchasing any firearm online I am extremely picky about the websites I will buy from, and I highly recommend that you are as well. The site must be run by staff who are knowledgeable and able to provide advice if needed, they must sell a wide selection of weapons and accessories so that I don’t have to spend hours searching the internet for any parts I might require and of course, they have to do all this at a competitively low price.

Personally I don’t think this is too much to ask, especially as a little known family business called Blue Ridge Firearms have nailed every one of these points. Whether you’re an occasional shooter who is after an entry level $600 rifle, or you’re after a more feature full high grade carbine in the $1200-$2000+ range you’ll be able to find one here that fits your requirements. While I’ve always been a Colt man myself, they also sell many other manufacturers in their store such as Windham, Bushmaster, Daniel Defense, CMMG, ATI and many others.

Now their website is a little outdated without some of the filters that more modern websites have. This does lead to you needing to spend a little more time with the search box or looking through pages for the exact brand of M4 you want, however this is easily balanced by their other features. Blue Ridge Firearms is a family run business which means that you get personalized customer service that is second to none, you never feel like just another number when you contact them. Also they have some M4s for sale at some of the cheapest prices I’ve seen online.

This is backed up by their firearm price matching service so if you find a rifle at a competitors website but would like to take advantage of the customer service here (and I recommend you do) then you don’t have to pay a premium for it.

As any older readers by know, Blue Ride Firearms didn’t used to top this article but were recently recommended to me by a friend. I had waited until I had spoken to them and tested their store before listing them here but now I have, I had to add them to the list. Click here to visit Blue Ridge Firearm’s selection of cheap M4’s for sale and find out for yourself.

Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain - Cheap M4 gun store!Gander Mountain used to top this page but were beaten after a friends recommendation put me onto a lesser known site I had never heard of before in Blue Ridge Firearms. That said they’re still a great store with a huge variety of firearm products for sale and well worth checking out.

The filters on the left hand side save you hours of shopping time as instead of wading through stock, you can jump straight into the for sale M4 listings. You can also narrow down your selection by price, manufacturer and if you want to get really specific utilize the search function to find those of only a certain caliber, inch requirement, 30 or 10 round mag etc. You can even search for used weapons if you wish (although I only ever recommend new gun purchases myself from any store). It’s also worth noting the tick box at the top of the results, which filters the options so that only items in stock are visible. While not much use if you are after a specific model of M4 for sale, if you’re more flexible it will save a lot of frustration.

Lifetime WarrantyOne big bonus with Gander Mountain is their lifetime warranty on new weapons, this means that if the gun breaks at any time due to a manufacturing problem (not normal wear and tear) they will repair or replace it at zero cost to you. When you’re dropping $1000 on a gun a store that has enough confidence in its own products to offer you a deal like this provides a lot of customer reassurance in my eyes.

Finally before you rush off to start drooling over Gander Mountain latest stock (or is that just me), you may want to think about picking up some gun cleaning equipment, parts, accessories and maybe even tactical gear at the same time. After all not only do you want to keep you’re new pride and joy well maintained, you also want to look good doing it! The customization accessories such magazines and optics can provide a large benefit to your range shooting as well as being a hell of a lot of fun.

How much does an M4 Rifle For Sale Cost?

moneySo you’ve decided to buy a world class M4 carbine rifle from Gander Mountain, great! But with prices ranging from $600 – $2000+ how can you tell which is the right price for you? Like many other things in life with guns you get what you pay for, but don’t worry I’m here to help you decide! Whether you are looking for a Bushmaster M4 A3 or a pre customized optics ready Colt, there are very important aspects of any semi-automatic AR-15 that you should think about when purchasing.

The first point to bear in mind (because not doing so can damage your firearm) is the caliber of the weapon. An M4 for sale usually chambers a .223 or 5.56x45mm NATO round; while these are the same size they put vastly different pressure on your rifle’s barrel. My preference is to buy a carbine configured to fire the 5.56 round because these rifles can fire both the 5.56mm and the .223 calibers safely. This is not possible for the .223 configured semi auto rifles. There can be very small accuracy gains in the tighter barrels of the .223 carbines; however for the majority of the people reading this the 5.56x45mm rifles are simply a better choice.

M4-CarbineNext up is the quality of the internal components, if you’re an occasional shooter or simply want one around for home defense an entry level AR would do the job just fine. None of these weapons will randomly break after a couple of firings, but you do miss out on some important features in the low $600-$800 price bracket. Chrome lined barrel and chamber alongside military spec parts begin to appear above this $800 limit, what this gives you is a weapon with a more smooth action, extra reliability and accuracy when firing more than a few bullets in succession.

This is why I highly recommend if you shoot enough to justify the expense and can afford it, you want to look at the $1000 rifles and above. A cheaper M4 for sale with a thinner pencil barrel and lack of chrome lining heat up a lot quicker than their more expensive heavier barrel counterparts. This then leads to expansion and inaccurate grouping after a few consecutive shots. Not that important if you’re just want some fun plinking, but if you shoot regularly it will do a disservice to your skills.

Other important differences between the price brackets include higher quality stocks with less movement in them, improved weight and customizations, flash suppressors, Mil-spec magazines, individually particle inspected (not bulk inspected) and many more. If you are left handed you MUST check for a cartridge deflector or you will end up with a face full of hot ejected brass.

How Should I Choose Between Price Brackets?

ChoiceWhether any of these features are important to you, is solely dependent on what you wish to use it for. If you came here looking to buy an occasional use semi-automatic rifle for a bit of fun plinking once a week, then you can safely purchase a low end model to get the job done, while if you have a larger budget the purchase of a mid-high range one will last you for life. If however you’re a more serious shooter who goes twice a week or more and plans to shoot a couple of thousand rounds through the M4 rifle then you need to raise your sights a bit. Not only will you get a whole lot more fun out of the higher grade weapon but you’ll be rewarded with greater accuracy, reliability and a smoother experience.

Just because you find an M4 for sale at a higher price doesn’t make it automatically better, but it is definitely a sign and if you go back over what is in this article as you make your purchase at Blue Ridge Firearms, you’ll be able to order the model and customization scopes, magazines etc. perfect for your situation, just don’t forget to pick up some ammunition while you’re there!